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Officers and Board Members of Maloofs International, Inc. are elected according to the organization’s By-Laws. Listed below are our current officers and board. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding Maloofs International.

Our Officers

President- Julie Malouff, San Antonio, TX
Vice President- George Manning, Tumut, NSW Australia
Secretary/Newsletter Editor/Treasurer– Lori Malouf Coronado, La Puente, CA
Assistant Secretary & Treasurer– Rebecca Coronado, La Puente, CA
Legal Adviser- Thomas G. Maloof, Monument, CO
Historian-Past President- George Hanna Malouf, Hereford, TX

Our Board Members

Albert Maloof Berdellans, Gainesville, FL

Camille Maloof Tuite, West Lafayette, IN

David M. Malouff, Boynton Beach, FL

Michael Thomas Maloof, Denver, CO

Omar G. Maloof, Beverly Hills, CA

Scott A. Malouff, San Antonio, TX

Markie Maloof, Dunlop, Ill

Micheline Maloof, Dunlap, Ill

Marc Malouf, Past President, Webmaster
Carrollton, TX


Bob Malouf, Past President, Adviser
Pasadena, CA

Buddy Malouf, Past President, Adviser
Dallas, TX

Al Maloof, Past President, Adviser
Pembroke Pines, FL

Charles A. Malouff, Sr., Past President, Adviser
San Antonio, TX