From Our President

Maloofs International and Related Families

Salaam Aleikum (Peace be Upon You)

I first would like to say thank you all for your thoughts and prayers from the death of my sister Julie and our past president.  Julie has been on my case before her passing on taking over the role as President, so in her honor (and with your votes), I accept this challenge and position.

I hope I can fill the shoes of all the last presidents and be able to get Maloofs International back to what it was in the past. We all have our lives and families to tend to, but we also must keep our heritage alive and well.  There are over 5,000 “Maloofs” (various spellings) just here in the USA. I hope we can all come together and meet our “cousins” and enjoy time together. We even have our relatives who live in other countries, i.e. South America, Lebanon, Australia, etc.. We are all over the globe; let’s come together and continue our great name, heritage, and legacy.

Most of you know me from network media (Facebook), and as you see at times, I will forward someone’s business post, either a realtor, or clothing line, or western wear, etc.. I do this to not only support my “family” but to also hope that someone (YOU) or a friend of yours will be interested in their products or offerings and be able to support them.  The Jewish communities, Asian communities, all support their own, WHY CAN’T WE??!!!

IF you own a business or are in the line of work that others can call upon you, let us know and we will gladly post your business or comment on Facebook and promote you.  IF you are a member of Maloofs International we will put your card in our quarterly mailings. Let’s all do our part in supporting our “family” and continue our namesake in the manner our ancestors have for over 1000 years.

It has been a while since we have had a Maloofs Reunion and now it’s time and my job to see to it that we have one. I have been in contact with Sam’s Town in Las Vegas, NV, and they are eager to have us back again. We have had great turnouts there and look forward to the return.  Currently, we are looking at June 6 -9, 2019. Please mark your calendars.  As you all know, the more people we get the better room rates and discount I can negotiate, so please let us know via email at and let us know how many in your family are coming. I would like to have a tentative headcount by no later than August 15, 2018 to begin the legwork on our prices.

In addition, I am also in negotiations with Royal Caribbean Cruise lines to have a “Lebanese” cruise in summer of 2020.  I hope to see ALL Maloofs (related) there and we can use that as our next reunion.  Please email your YESSES and interest (or “can’t make its”) for the cruise as well.

I thank you all once again for this opportunity and I hope to be able to bring us all together again.

Inshallah (God Willing),

David Malouff

President Maloofs International, Inc.