The Ghassani Legacy

The Maloof family is spread throughout the world. There are many different spellings of our name. Here are some of those variations: Maloof, Malouf, Malouff, Malooff, Mallof, Maaloof, Maalooff, Malloof, Malof, Maloff, Mallof, Maalouf, Mallouf, Maluf, Maluff, Maaluf, Maaluff, Maloufos, Maloufi, Maloofakis, Malov, Melof, Melof, Meluf and Molof.

“Maloof, The Ghassani Legacy”

In 1893, a preeminent Lebanese scholar, author and journalist, Esa Iskander Ma’loof, commenced his monumental and invaluable work of compiling the history of the Maloof family; from ancient times to 1907. It is not possible to describe in a few words the amount of time, research, travel and effort that it took him to complete his book, “Dwani Al Qutoof”, the history of the Ma’loofs. The finished manuscript encompassed 800 pages in Arabic.

In 1985, George Hanna Malouf of Hereford, Texas, began the arduous task of translating Esa’s work into English. George, a published author, scholar and poet, completed “Maloof, The Ghassani Legacy”  in 1992; a monumental task in itself. The book is a 9″x12″ leather bound hardback, with gold leaf print on the cover and the spine. The contents of the book contain a complete translation of the original manuscript, the Maloof Coat of Arms (with explanation), plus a Maloof family tree with its seven branches, genealogical information on current Maloof families and much more. For more information on this invaluable book, contact George Hanna Malouf, our family Historian, at

The Ghassani Legacy, translated and authored by George Hanna Malouf, has become an essential part of Maloofs International, Inc. It has served as  the foundation for numerous seminars given by George at our family reunions over many years. For current paid members, now is the time to take advantage of a discounted rate on this family treasure. Leather bound & measuring 9 x 12 inches, The Ghassani Legacy is a must for every Maloof household.