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  1. Megan

    I have been researching my Great Grandmother Shaheeny Maloof and I think the following are her parents and family. Are they listed in the Ghassani Legacy Book? If so, how can I purchase one?

    Fanous Beit Shama

    Born in Kfar Akab, Lebanon on 1850. Fanous Beit married Al Khoori Ma Loof and had 6 children. She passed away in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

    Family Members

    Al Khoori Ma Loof

    Karam Mal Oof

    Mariam Mal Oof

    Telgi Mal Oof

    Bakey Ma Loof

    Shdeed Khoury Mal Oof

    Jirjus Khoury Mal Oof

    1. adminmarstev Post author

      Hi Megan, thanks for the note. I’m not knowledgeable on all of the families within the book, however, if you can email our family historian, George Malouf at ghmalouf@gmail.com, I’m sure he can help you with some of the answers. To purchase a family book, just fill in the order form found on “The Ghassani Legacy” page, at the bottom of the page, click the cedar tree.

      Thank you again,
      Marc Malouf


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